Schneider 3P 150A MC LC1D150

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Schneider Magnetic Contactor
Brand: Schneider, Origin: India
Model: LC1D150M7/N7/F7/B7
Current Rating: 150A


Schneider 3P MC LC1D150 24V AC: Magnetic Contactor

Schneider 3P 150A MC LC1D150: TeSys contactor, 3 poles (3NO), for motor control applications up to 150A/ 220/415/110/24 V AC-3/3e (4kW@400V). It provides a 24V AC coil with a transient suppressor module, 1NO+1NC built-in auxiliary contacts (NC mirror certified), and connection by screw clamp terminals. For operating rates until 3600 cycles/hour and environments until 60°C, it procures high reliability and durability to demanding applications. Compact (45mm width), DIN-rail mounting or screw fixing. Multi standards certified (IEC, UL, CSA, CCC, EAC, Marine), Green Premium compliant (RoHS/REACh).

Here are some general features you might find in a Schneider Magnetic ContactorSchneider 3P 150A MC LC1D150 24V AC, and these features could apply to the “TeSys Series” or similar products.

Salient Features of Schneider 3P 150A MC LC1D150 Magnetic Contactor:

  1. Brand: Schneider
  2. Series: 3P (Three Pole)
  3. Model: LC1D150
  4. Voltage: 24V AC
  5. Type: Motor Contactor (MC)
  6. Contactor Type: AC Power Contactors
  7. Functions: Designed for controlling and switching electrical motors
  8. Application: Typically used in industrial and commercial electrical systems
  9. Contact Configuration: Normally Open (NO)
  10. Rated Current: 150A
  11. Coil Voltage: 24V AC
  12. Control Voltage Range: Suitable for 24V AC control circuits
  13. Electrical Standards Compliance: Complies with relevant industry standards and certifications
  14. Construction: Robust construction to withstand industrial environments
  15. Mounting Type: Typically designed for DIN rail mounting
  16. Auxiliary Contacts: May have auxiliary contact blocks for additional control options
  17. Enclosure Type: Check the product documentation for information on the type of enclosure or protection ratings (e.g., IP rating)
  18. Operating Temperature Range: Designed to operate within a specific temperature range, usually mentioned in the product specifications
  19. Terminal Type: Screw terminals for easy and secure wiring
  20. Overload Protection: May have built-in overload protection or compatibility with external overload relays
  21. Application Areas: Suitable for a variety of motor control applications, including but not limited to pumps, fans, conveyors, and other industrial machinery. It’s important to note that specific details can vary based on the exact model and version of the Schneider 3P MC LC1D150 24V AC, so always refer to the product documentation or contact Schneider Electric for precise information.

Schneider Magnetic Contactor-LC1D150 24V AC:

  1. Schneider Magnetic Contactor
  2. Three-pole configuration for three-phase applications
  3. A specific model for low voltage (24V AC)
  4. Suitable for various motor control applications
  5. TeSys Series Contactors
  6. Electrical Control Devices
  7. Industrial Magnetic Switch
  8. Motor Control Contactor
  9. LC1D150 Contactor
  10. Coil Voltage Options
  11. Compact Design Contactors
  12. High Switching Capacity Devices
  13. DIN Rail Mountable Contactor
  14. Mechanical Interlock Technology
  15. 3-Phase Motor Control
  16. Power Circuit Switching
  17. Industrial Electrical Components
  18. Add-On Auxiliary Contact Blocks
  19. Block Type Contactor Design
  20. Efficient Installation in Control Cabinets
  21. Bangladesh Market Contactor
  22. Reliable Electrical Switching
  23. Machinery Operation Components.

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