ABB 3P MC AF190-30-11-13

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Magnetic Contactor
Brand: ABB, Origin: Sweden
Breaking capacity: 90kW
Part number : 1SFL487002R1311


ABB 3P MC AF190-30-11-13: Magnetic Contactor 

ABB 3P MC AF190-30-11-13: Magnetic contactors are electrical devices used in control circuits to switch and control the power flow to electrical loads. They are commonly employed in industrial applications, such as motor control and machinery operation. A magnetic contactor consists of a coil, a set of contacts, and an electromagnet. When the coil is energized, it creates a magnetic field that attracts or repels a set of contacts, allowing or interrupting the electrical flow to the connected load.

Here are some general features you might find in an ABB Magnetic Contactor-ABB 3P MC AF190-30-11-13, and these features could apply to the “AF Series” or similar products.

Salient Features:

  1. Coil Voltage Options: Magnetic contactors typically come in various coil voltage options to match the control circuit requirements.
  2. Contact Configuration: They may have different contact configurations, such as normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC), to suit specific application needs.
  3. Compact Design: ABB contractors, including those in the AF Series, often have a compact and modular design, making them suitable for installation in control panels and electrical enclosures.
  4. High Switching Capacity: Designers have crafted these contactors to handle high switching capacities, rendering them suitable for controlling motors and other heavy electrical loads.
  5. DIN Rail Mounting: Some models may support DIN rail mounting for easy and efficient installation in control cabinets.
  6. Auxiliary Contacts: The contactors may feature auxiliary contacts for additional control or signaling purposes.
  7. Mechanical Interlock: Advanced contactors may include a mechanical interlock to prevent simultaneous closure of multiple contacts, reducing the risk of electrical faults.

AF190 contactors are mainly used for controlling 3-phase motors and power circuits up to 690 V AC. These contactors are of the block type design with: – 3 main poles and 1 built-in auxiliary contact – control circuit: AC operated – add-on auxiliary contact blocks for front or side mounting and a wide range of accessories.

ABB Magnetic Contactor-1SFL487002R1311:

  1. ABB Magnetic Contactor
  2. AF Series Contactors
  3. Electrical Control Devices
  4. Industrial Magnetic Switch
  5. Motor Control Contactor
  6. AF190-30-11-13 Contactor
  7. Coil Voltage Options
  8. Compact Design Contactors
  9. High Switching Capacity Devices
  10. DIN Rail Mountable Contactor
  11. Auxiliary Contacts in ABB Contactor
  12. Mechanical Interlock Technology
  13. 3-Phase Motor Control
  14. Power Circuit Switching
  15. ABB AF Series Features
  16. Industrial Electrical Components
  17. AC Operated Control Circuit
  18. Add-On Auxiliary Contact Blocks
  19. Block Type Contactor Design
  20. ABB Contactor Accessories
  21. Efficient Installation in Control Cabinets
  22. Bangladesh Market Contactor
  23. Reliable Electrical Switching
  24. Machinery Operation Components.

Additional information


Product Category



Product Main Type

Product Type

Motor Rating (kW)


Operational Voltage

Rated Operational Voltage

Operating Current (Amp)- AC-3


Operating Current (Amp)- AC-1


Input Voltage Type

Rated Current (In)

Rated Frequency (f)

Number of Poles

Auxiliary Contacts- NC


Auxiliary Contacts- NO


Degree of Protection


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Coil Voltage

100…250 Vac/dc 50/60Hz

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ABB 3P MC AF190-30-11-13

৳ 56,250.00৳ 62,500.00 (-10%)

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