Legrand DPX3 500A 36kA TP MCCB

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Molded Case Circuit Breaker
Brand: Legrand
Origin: India
Model: DPX3
Breaking capacity: 36kA
Part number : 422003


Legrand DPX3 500A 36kA TP MCCB

The Legrand DPX3 500A 36kA TP MCCB is a part of Legrand’s electrical protection devices. It is used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. MCBs are crucial components in electrical systems. They protect circuits and electrical devices from overload and short circuits. They do this by automatically interrupting the flow of electricity when abnormalities occur.

Here is a general description of the Legrand DPX3 triple pole MCCB:

  1. Functionality: The Legrand DPX3 triple pole MCB actively protects electrical circuits from overcurrent’s caused by overload or short circuits. It serves as a safety device, automatically disconnecting the circuit when it detects abnormal electrical conditions or an abnormal amount of current flowing through the circuit.
  2. Triple Pole Configuration: This MCCB variant is a triple pole breaker, designed to protect one live wire in the circuit. It is commonly used in triple-phase electrical systems.
  3. Rated Current and Breaking Capacity: Various current ratings are available for the DPX3 MCCB, enabling users to select it based on specific electrical load requirements. Additionally, it has a specified breaking capacity, indicating its ability to safely interrupt the flow of current under fault conditions.
  4. Compact Design: Legrand manufactured its DPX3 MCCBs to be compact, facilitating easier installation in electrical panels or distribution boards where space may be limited.
  5. Tripping Mechanism: In case of overload or short circuit, the MCCB’s internal tripping mechanism reacts quickly. It disconnects the circuit, preventing damage to connected devices and reducing the risk of electrical hazards.
  6. Compliance with Standards: Legrand products typically comply with relevant international standards for electrical safety and performance, ensuring reliability and safety in their usage.
  7. Visual Indicators: Some MCCB models may feature visual indicators that show the status of the breaker, making it easier for users to identify tripped circuits.

Main Features of Legrand 500A TP MCCB: 

  • Integrated label holder
  • Sliding bottom clamp
  • Improved air channels
  • Color-coded On/Off indication on dolly
  • Biconnected lower terminals
  • IP 20 protected terminals
  • Can be fitted with accessories and DPX3 common auxiliaries
  • Conform to IEC 60947-2

Legrand produces a variety of MCCBs with different specifications. Therefore, the specific details, features, and performance characteristics of the Legrand DPX3 triple pole MCCB may vary. This depends on the model and series within the DPX3 range. For precise information about a particular model or variant, it’s advisable to refer to Legrand’s official documentation or contact their customer support for the most accurate and updated specifications.

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Legrand DPX3 500A 36kA TP MCCB

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