ABB 630A 32kA VD4 VCB

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Vacuum Circuit Breaker
Brand: ABB, Origin: Italy
Model: VD4 12.06.32 P150 (Fixed)/  VD4/P 12.06.32 P150 (Withdrawal)
Breaking capacity: 32kA
Type: Fixed/Withdrawable

  • VD4 12.06.32 P150
  • VD4/P 12.06.32 P150


ABB 630A 32kA VD4 VCB Features:

Medium voltage vacuum circuit-breakers 12…24 kV – 630…3150 A – 16…40 kA. The new VD4 is a synthesis of the renowned technology in designing and constructing vacuum interrupters embedded in resin poles and of excellence in design, engineering, and production of circuit-breakers. The VD4 medium voltage circuit breakers use vacuum interrupters embedded in resin poles. Embedding the interrupter in resin makes the circuit-breaker poles particularly sturdy and protects the interrupter against shocks, accumulation of dust, and humidity. The vacuum interrupter houses the contacts and makes up the interrupting chamber.  The ABB 630A 32kA VD4 VCB is typically used for protecting electrical circuits in industrial and commercial installations.

Key features include:

  1. Manufacturer: ABB
  2. Model: VD4 12.06.32 P150(Fixed)/  VD4/P 12.06.32 P150 (Withdrawal)
  3. Current Rating: 630A
  4. Breaking Capacity: 32kA
  5. Type: Fixed Type / Withdrawable Type
  6. Application: Typically used for protecting electrical circuits in industrial and commercial installations.
  7. Usage Scenario: Commonly employed in power distribution systems to protect against overloads and short circuits.
  8. Standards Compliance: Built in accordance with relevant industry standards for safety and performance.
  9. Control Mechanism: Equipped with a control panel for manual and/or automated operation.
  10. Protection Functions: Provides protection against overcurrent, short circuit, and other electrical faults.
  11. Indication and Monitoring: May include indicators for circuit status and monitoring features for preventive maintenance.
  12. Voltage Rating: Appropriate for the specified voltage levels in the electrical system.
  13. Mounting: Typically designed for fixed mounting in electrical panels or switchgear.
  14. Enclosure: Built with materials and construction suitable for the operating environment.
  15. Communication Compatibility: May have options for communication interfaces for integration with larger control systems.
  16. Certificates: Compliant with relevant certifications and approvals for safety and performance.
  17. Lifecycle: Designed for a long operational life with minimal maintenance requirements.

ABB 630A 32kA VCB in Bangladesh:

      1. ABB 630A VCB Bangladesh
      2. VD4 12.06.32 P150 630A 32kA
      3. Electrical Protection Devices Bangladesh
      4. Medium-High Voltage VCB
      5. Short Circuit Breaking Capacity 32kA
      6. Fixed Type VCB Bangladesh
      7. Compact Design VCB Bangladesh
      8. Digital Programmable Protection Settings
      9. Advanced Connectivity VCB
      10. Energy Management VCB Bangladesh
      11. International Standards Compliance VCB
      12. User-Friendly VCB Interface
      13. Durable Construction Electrical Equipment
      14. Enhanced Safety Features VCB
      15. ABB VCB for Power Distribution
      16. Reliable Electrical Protection Solutions
      17. Efficient Energy Usage VCB
      18. ABB VCB Bangladesh Specification
      19. Electrical System Safety Features



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VD4 12.06.32 P150, VD4/P 12.06.32 P150

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