Legrand DX3 Series MCB

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Legrand DX3 Series MCB: Legrand, synonymous with innovation and reliability in electrical safety, proudly presents the DX3 Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) series. Explore the features that make the DX3 MCB an indispensable choice for electrical systems in Bangladesh.

Versatile Protection:

Covering a wide range from 6A to 63A, the Legrand DX3 Series MCB offers Single Pole (SP), Double Pole (DP), and Triple Pole (TP) variants. Tailored to residential, commercial, and industrial settings, it suits single-phase and multi-phase systems.

Active Circuit Defense:

The Legrand DX3 MCBs act as vigilant safety devices, automatically disconnecting circuits in the face of overcurrents caused by overload or short circuits. This quick response mitigates potential damage, lowering the risk of electrical hazards.

Tailored to Your Needs:

With various current ratings, users can select the Legrand DX3 MCB precisely matching their electrical load requirements. SP, DP, and TP variants provide flexibility and customization in electrical installations.

Compact Design, Effortless Integration:

Designed for space efficiency, Legrand DX3 MCBs feature a compact design for easy installation in panels or distribution boards. Seamless integration ensures safety without compromising space.

Breaking Capacity Assurance:

Each Legrand DX3 MCB comes with a specified breaking capacity, showcasing its ability to safely interrupt the flow of current under fault conditions. This ensures reliability and durability.

Compliance and Confidence:

Legrand prioritizes compliance with international standards for electrical safety across the entire DX3 MCB range. Users in Bangladesh can rely on Legrand for products that meet stringent quality benchmarks.

Enhanced User Experience:

Beyond safety features, the Legrand DX3 MCB range enhances user experience with integrated label holders, sliding bottom clamps, improved air channels, color-coded On/Off indications, biconnected lower terminals, IP 20 protected terminals, sliding shutters, and DC – 80 V per pole – 1 kA capabilities.

Legrand DX3 Series Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) pricelist in Bangladesh

The Legrand DX3 Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) range is a comprehensive solution for diverse protection needs. From residential spaces to industrial complexes, Legrand DX3 ensures every circuit is shielded with innovation and trusted reliability. Explore the complete range today to elevate electrical safety standards in Bangladesh.


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