ABB SACE Tmax XT Series 50A MCCB

Introducing the ABB SACE Tmax XT Series 50A MCCB: Power and Reliability

In the realm of electrical distribution and protection, safety and performance are paramount. ABB, a globally recognized leader in electrification and industrial automation, presents the SACE Tmax XT Series, a true testament to power and reliability. In this blog post, we will delve into the specifics of the ABB SACE Tmax XT Series 50A MCCB (Molded Case Circuit Breaker), model 1SDA066804R1.

Understanding the ABB SACE Tmax XT Series

SACE Tmax XT Series is a range of molded case circuit breakers that are engineered to deliver the highest standards of protection, efficiency, and performance. This series is designed to meet the needs of diverse applications, from industrial installations to commercial facilities. It’s known for its exceptional quality, robustness, and the ability to provide the utmost safety in electrical systems.

A Closer Look at the 1SDA066804R1 Model

The ABB SACE Tmax XT Series 50A MCCB (1SDA066804R1) is a notable member of this series. Let’s break down what makes this particular MCCB stand out:

1. Current Rating: 50 Amperes

With a current rating of 50A, this MCCB is suited for various applications where protection against overcurrent and short circuits is crucial. Its robust design ensures that it can handle the load while providing reliable protection.

2. Breaking Capacity: 18kA

The breaking capacity of 18kA is a testament to the MCCB’s ability to interrupt fault currents. This high breaking capacity ensures that it can handle and clear faults effectively, preventing damage to the electrical system.

3. Three Poles

This MCCB comes with three poles, which means it can control and protect three conductors or phases simultaneously. This is particularly useful in three-phase electrical systems commonly found in industrial settings.

4. Compact Design

The SACE Tmax XT Series 50A MCCB is designed to be compact, which is important in applications where space is at a premium. Its compact size allows for flexible installation options without compromising performance.

5. ABB Quality and Reliability

ABB is renowned for its commitment to quality and reliability. This MCCB is no exception, and it is engineered to meet stringent quality and safety standards, ensuring peace of mind for users.

6. Application Versatility

The versatility of the SACE Tmax XT Series MCCBs means that they can be employed in a wide range of applications, including distribution boards, motor control centers, and more. Their adaptability makes them a top choice for various projects.

Benefits of the ABB SACE Tmax XT Series 50A MCCB

  • Enhanced Protection: With features designed to protect against overloads and short circuits, this MCCB safeguards both the electrical system and connected equipment.

  • Reliability: ABB’s reputation for reliability carries through to this MCCB, ensuring uninterrupted operation in critical applications.

  • Compact Size: The compact design of the MCCB allows for more efficient use of space in electrical panels.

  • Easy Installation: Installation is made easier with the user-friendly design, saving time and effort during setup.

  • Versatility: The MCCB is suitable for a wide range of applications, offering flexibility for various projects.


The ABB SACE Tmax XT Series 50A MCCB, model 1SDA066804R1, exemplifies the commitment to excellence and quality that ABB is known for. With its capacity to handle electrical loads, protect against faults, and adapt to diverse applications, this MCCB is a reliable choice for professionals seeking top-tier electrical protection solutions. Whether you’re working on an industrial project or a commercial installation, the SACE Tmax XT Series MCCB is a testament to the fusion of power and reliability in electrical distribution.

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